Sunday, December 02, 2007


So, it's been well over a year since I've written a new blog. I guess that's the way it goes with blogs. You write a whole bunch, thinking it's going to force you to keep your life organized, but then it quickly peters off as you only write when you feel like it. And let me tell you, I've not felt like blogging... until now.

I met a really special chick. The kind of chick that grabs your heart with both hands and lifts you off the ground. The truth is, I'm an artist. At the core of my soul, that's who I am. I know that sounds pretentious. Whenever you hear someone announce they're an artist, there's inevitably a large portion of the crowd that rolls their eyes. However, this is who I am. It's my passion in life to create. I live to express, I live to create, and I live to appreciate the essence of someone's individuality. This girl appeals to this passion within me, and I've only met her three days ago.

I landed a gig on this short film shot in comic shop in Staten Island called Jim Hanley's Universe. Now, for those of you who're into the comic scene (which I was for a portion of my life), their flagship store is located in midtown Manhattan, across the way from the Empire State Building. Being in the comic business for a few years in my youth after high school, I dealt with them quite frequently. Never the less, all coincidences aside, we shot most everything (all my scenes anyway) during one marathon night, 9pm to 8:30am, the Saturday after Thanksgiving into that Sunday. Everything went AMAZING! The chemistry of the cast, and the professionalism of the director made for the perfect creative environment. Even the crew was pleasant which is a rarity, I can tell you.

Fast forward a week later and we're having a wrap party at The Mugg Ale House in Brooklyn. The drinks are flowing and the director, Denny, tells me the girls are coming. The girls being the friends of his who'd let him use their apartment to film a semi-love scene the day before the big shoot at the comic shop. So naturally, I'm like "Yeah, chicks... hell yeah, it's not a party without chicks.". The night carries on a bit, and then they show up. She, and her two roomies. I'm not going to lie, she's beautiful... a work of art to be completely honest with you. If you're asking me to find a fault with her, all I can say so far is that she's a bit skinny which normally I find unattractive, but not with her. She reflects the artist in her perfectly as far as I can see. Now, it would be completely normal of you to think I'm just into her because she's a "hottie", but no. I'm in the entertainment business. The hottie - normal/ uggo ratio is in full favor of the hotties. Plus, I'm not 17 anymore. I'm not in the market for eye candy. I'm a man who requires substance. Entice me with your passion in life, not your ass... that comes later hahaha..

So as the girls show up, the get together is finally in full swing. The drinks are flowing, the stories are being passed around, the girls are giggling, the guys are cursing at each other... ya know, the norm. Well, I can't deny being attracted to her right off the bat. The way she carried herself led me to believe she's more than just a face in the crowd. I started out just observing her. There's a certain level of intimacy you can get from someone by observing them when they don't think anyone is watching. Something you can't get in a one on one situation. You get to see that person unfiltered. Not to mention I'm pretty sure I got a glimpse of her aura. She had a reddish orange glow. It wasn't like seeing it was some sort of epiphany, or some angelic event, or anything like that. It was rather a small hint in the side of my brain telling me to pay attention, and I'm glad I did.

We eventually started talking to each other after a male co-star of the film mentioned to her that I was in the comic business way back when, working for Marvel Comics in one of their distribution warehouse, and apparently she worked for DC Comics. Well we were off and running after that. It turns out she's an artist, and does comics and sketches, and such. She gave me the address of her Deviant Art profile, and drew a cute little doodle of herself at the bottom of the paper. The doodle, by the way, was better by far than anything I could ever hope to draw in my lifetime

The party started winding down, and everyone decided to move on to another bar. It was just past midnight, and I decided to head home so as to not miss the last train back to NJ.... god I hate living in NJ like a socially inept retard. So I announce that I'm heading home and I'm saying my goodbyes when I tell her I'm leaving. She runs up to me and gives me the biggest hug I've had in ages, and says "Am I ever going to hear from you again?". I said, "Oh, absolutely. I have the address of your Deviant Art profile, and I'll talk to you in a day or two"... OK there's example #2 of my mental deficiency. I should have asked for her number but no, I had to grow up under power lines as a kid.

So, after getting the most fantastic hug which lasted an eternity in ecstasy, I head towards the subway to make my way back to Penn Station, and inevitably, my social retardation. I'm walking up Bedford Ave, talking to myself in my own head thinking, "You're a moron. It's just past midnight. The night hasn't even started yet". I get to the subway entrance, I'm standing there at the top of the stairs, and it hit my like a sack of bricks. I was reminded of Good Will Hunting. The scene where Robin Williams is telling the story about him missing the big Red Sox game because he went to meet a girl who ended up being his wife. Now, I'm not saying she's going to be my wife someday, but the fact that this idea shot into my brain causing me to stop in my tracks like someone was yanking me by my hoody was more than enough to give me pause.

I call the director on the phone and tell him I changed my mind. He tells me where they are, and in no time, I'm all caught up again. I find her in the bar, she turns around and I wink at her. I've got a hell of a wink if I do say so myself. I put my forehead against hers and say, "I came back". She just smiled at me in a very alluring way. We sat and had a drink or two, and yes, I did get her number this time. Then the rest of the group decided to hit another bar. She took me by the hand and said "C'mon, we're all going someplace else."

We hopped to another bar and eventually called it a night. She jumped in a cab with her roommates. I wish we could have had our first kiss that night, but we had a little too much "fun" at that point. We'll save that for another day where we can both remember it vividly hahahaha...

But so far she's totally the girl for me, at least the way it stands now. After all, she could have a collection of testicles in her top bureau drawer for all I know. I know I've just met her, but I really hope it turns into something. I've not felt this way about a chick in a long time. Unfortunately, it's far too early to pour my heart out, especially when all I have to go by is instinct. I need a few events to take place before I know for sure if this has a chance.

Here's to hoping...