Thursday, September 14, 2006

So Now What?

I'm sitting here bored as all hell. I've been telling myself the last few days that I really have to start writing more. I'd like to write a blog a day. And now that I've conquered the great unknown with my inaugural blog, I'm left with all the confidence I'll ever need, yet I can't make up my mind about what to write about... hmmmmm

I think I think too much

I don't want this blog to be a diary, I don't think.

Could this blog be a series of happenstances that I find amusing? Perhaps.

My view on politics? Uhhh, no... I think we've all been brow-beaten enough during the rest of our daily lives without the uninteresting, unenthusiastic, and otherwise unwarranted opinions of a New Jersey actor. Here's my answer to any political question I find myself thinking about.... Give me more choices. My local ice cream shop has 40 flavors for me to choose from. FORTY!!! And you bastards can only come up with two parties? Bullshit... but I digress

My take on why certain things are the way they are? Yes, I think there's room for that. Take carrots for instance. They're nutritious, and some (myself included) say delicious. But is it necessary to have them in every freakin bag in the frozen food section of the supermarket? Absolutely not!!! I'm all for carrots. I'm the first one to grab the carrot bowl during Sunday dinner. Some shredded carrots in my salad? Yes please... mmmm scrumptious!! But can we PLEASE give me a break in the frozen veggies case already? Little 1/16th of an inch square pieces are an insult. There's no way in hell there's even one carrots worth in that bag, so don't give me that nonsense. They're not there for your health. They're there to add color to an otherwise bland bowl of greenery. They're there to look pretty on the front of the box so you'll buy it. What if I were allergic to carrots? Bastards...

Polite commentary on why certain things in life (my cellphone case for example) exist only to mock me? Oh, you better your Aunt Fanny!! I'm on the hunt!!! I will find the perfect cellphone case, and I promise you it shall be glorious

Amusing anecdotes of Stevie, the feathered grey menace? Most definitely. He's a lovable bird, a curious bird. He has the curiousity of a child, and I find that magnificant. But, he is a pet, and therefore (in his own adorable way) retarded. Any animal (humans included) that dunks popcorn in orange juice just isn't all there...

An account of all my auditions? I don't think so. It's not good to keep score. I don't care who you are. You'll never land more auditions than you get rejected from, and I find that to be counter productive. There will, however, be tales of the interesting things that happen, and most definately tales of the more "interesting" people I encounter.

Will this be a place for me to recall interesting dreams? Oh hell yes!! I recall a dream I had the other night. I was standing in the kitchen with the eggs and when I went to crack one against the bowl to scrambled me some, the egg was hollow, and the shell was more of a crab claw material than actual egg shell. Weird, but then again, if dreams weren't real, they wouldn't be worth remembering. I looked up the dream in my dreamer's dictionary book, and it went on and on about how different egg type events mean different things, but just like every other dream you'll look up, half of them are positive, and the other half are negative. It was just so interesting, I had to look it up. Perhaps in my half crook eyed state first thing in the morning I was hoping the book would say something worth while like "Go downstairs and smack your ghetto assed neighbor in the mouth"... wishfull thinking, but wishes are what dreams are made of, aren't they?

So now what?

Now that I've gotten some of the random ramblings rolling around my head out, I think it's time to go watch some tv before heading to bed. I have two auditions tomorrow, and besides, M*A*S*H is on, and that show just kicks too much ass.


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